Resources for the Web Design Process

I have helped many customers understand the process of owning and creating a website. These resources are available to you here or you can call me and I can explain everything to you over the phone or in person. I am here for you, every step of the way.

Fonts for Your Website and How to Choose Them

By Monica Jamer | Aug 13, 2019

There are a few things that make a great website, and the fonts that you choose for your website is one of them. I used to be really into fonts when I first started trying to get into graphic design. When I first started doing web design I wanted some of the cute and fun […]

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Web Design in Strafford, New Hampshire

By Monica Jamer | Feb 11, 2019

I’ve recently moved and am now offering on location web design in Strafford, New Hampshire. I usually do web design remotely, but my web design in Strafford, New Hampshire can be much more personalized. I offer plenty of value with my website design. There are a few different services that I offer. In other words, […]

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Business Ethics and Providing You Value

By Monica Jamer | Feb 8, 2019

My business ethics and values are something that I have been developing most of my adult life. I look at many companies who are “ethical” and I still see things I don’t agree with. Having my own small business gives me the opportunity to practice business ethics that I wish more companies would have. I […]

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DIY Websites and Website Builders

By Monica Jamer | Jul 18, 2018

My kids are only 4 and 7 years old. They watch way too much TV and complain about having to watch “advahtisements” (advertisements, but pronounced with a very cute little Boston accent). My oldest son always shouts and has to show me the DIY website builder commercials from GoDaddy and Wix. They love all of […]

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Website Design Consultations

By Monica Jamer | Sep 8, 2017

My website design consultation usually takes place over the phone or in person. I can also do them over email, but conversations flow much more naturally in person or over the phone and I can direct the questions that help me make sure that I know your business and what will help your website reach its full […]

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Introduction to Websites and What it Takes to Get One

By Monica Jamer | Aug 18, 2017

I’m going to try to keep it basic for those who are unfamiliar with computers. Please let me know if I need to clarify further, by contacting me. To have a website you need 2 basic things, hosting and a domain. Hosting is a place to put your files. This means that there is a […]

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Website Design Giveaway

By Monica Jamer | Aug 8, 2017

I have been working on websites for years, but my current portfolio is lacking. Most of my projects were websites I designed during my time with GoDaddy (see my about page). They were a team effort to build them, so I want to add to my personal portfolio. I am doing a giveaway for one […]

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Writing Content

By Monica Jamer | Jul 22, 2017

Many web design companies want their clients to have their own content before designing a site for you. That means they want the text or verbiage and any images needed for your business (with the exception of stock photos). I do not require my clients to have the written content, I am happy to work […]

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